Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hand Sanitizer - It's All About Your Health

Don't You Hate It When Someone Uses The Bathroom And Doesn't Wash Their Hands?

I Hate Other People Germs.

This Youtube video MADE MY DAY...


Thursday, December 31, 2009

Are You Dreading Winter?

Are You Dreading Winter?

You Aren't Alone.

We're snuggling in here, snow still piled up against the house on this 2009 New Year Eve.

And... I'm taking time to reflect about my life.


May all blessings of happiness, health and prosperity be yours this year. I wish you only the best and want to THANK YOU for visiting and being a reader and my friend.


Monday, December 28, 2009

I Love Atlantic Palace On New York Ave. And The Boardwalk In Atlantic City, N. J.

I Love Atlantic Palace On New York Ave. And The Boardwalk In Atlantic City, N. J.

I’m glad you’re reading this…

This post is meant especially for YOU!

I’ve been sitting here for at least 10 minutes just staring at the computer… And wondering “what shall I write?!” I’ve got some jazz on from the pandora.com site. I’m in my inspiration room and- during breaks while I write this- I’m gazing off looking out the window gazing into the distance and picturing the ocean.

Last week I was in Atlantic City, New Jersey for a lttle R & R. We were suppose to leave on Friday afternoon but listened to the news and the weather channel and discovered that our first 2009 winter snow storm was expected early Saturday afternoon.

We hadn't packed and wanted to pick up some groceries for the house before leaving home. We didn't leave on Friday. It snowed Saturday 11 to 13 inches as predicted. I love when it snows. It stills everything. And everthing is quiet.

We definitely didn't want to be on the road while it was snowing, slipping and sliding on the snow or black ice in the evening. We decided to wait to leave on Monday. Give time for the plows to clear the snow from the streets and highways.

Come to think of it, it’s really remarkable just how extraordinary last week was. I can’t be sure you’ve ever experienced anything like it, but if you’ve spent any time away from the excitement of hustle and bustle of the unparalleled New York City experience you probably have…

If you haven't you should...

Unless you’ve experienced it, you won’t believe it.

The Atlantic Palace on New York Ave. and the Boardwalk is not new, but the best location, and magical.

It's my personal recommendation (one of my FAVORITE places to be!). This is an un-solicited review for YOU.

I am orginally from New Jersey. I love the Jersey shore. Atlantic City is one of my favorite get-aways. The crowds come from all over New Jersey, Pa., New York- and all over the world- to experience the laid-back A.C. shore vibe during the summer.

It's like 90 minutes (2 hours depending on New York traffic) from Brooklyn, New York on the Garden State Parkway.

I love the shore environment, the boardwalk, the new stores and the vibe. I know that the views from the Atlantic Palace will be magical. There is not a bad view at the Atlantic Palace. My favorite floors are the 26th floor east ocean view or north city view and the 31st floor west ocean/boardwalk views.

I like the location. I believe it has the best location on the entire boardwalk. We had a gorgeous suite with the natural sun light streaming through the windows during the day and the beautiful A.C. City lights at night, a hot-tub - jacuzzi that I got the time to relax and enjoy. Of course, one of the joys of being a real diva is having luxury.

I didn’t get to walk the boardwalk because of the cold weather. I only looked at it longingly from a distance. Next time…

The best way for YOU to understand what you missed is to just take a few minutes and enjoy these pics. Then, start making plans to make an Atlantic City Atlantic Palace Get-Away Today.


It's Heaven.

Here come the pics.

Looking at Atlantic City and enjoying the view from the 26th floor.

Does Any of this apply to you?

If you are bored (boredom seems to be a huge problem for alot of people)...

If you are stressed...

If you want to take time for yourself...

If you are retired and you are tired of looking at the four walls and tv everday...

If you are terminally ill sitting at home, looking out the window at the RV or that new car that you never got to drive. Thinking about the trips not taken. The on the road scenery undiscovered. The adventures not experienced. And for what?

YOU Need to DO this. Give yourself the gift of living your life.

I can’t see where buying into the fear of dying is serving you.

Can you?

Think about this: you could sit at home, read or listen to the depressing news and watch tv for an hour, and- when that hour is up- be right where you are or enjoy watching the ocean waves, enjoy the open sky, the sunrise or the sunset. It's the best inspirational scenery in the world.

Enjoy your life. You Are NOT Dead Yet!

Are You Too Old To Enjoy YOUR Freedom?

Have too many decades removed you from the dreams of your youth?

You are retired. This is the time you desired, wished for and longed for many years. You now have the time to do the things you love that makes your life richer. DO IT!

I really enjoyed how I felt like when I was sitting with the people I love enjoying watching the ocean waves and taking in the winter sky and enjoying nostalgic hours reliving my past or just revel in the feeling of being.

The MAGIC of the Atlantic Palace is in the energy of the experience itself.

Music always inspires an emotion-- a memory. Music triggers moments in my life. Have you ever noticed that when you look back on your life what it is that you remember? What you remember are specific moments. Moments frozen in time. Good or bad it's the moment, and the feelings you felt.

It's the memory that inspire you to share the story. You've told that story over and over ever since then, haven't you? It’s earmarked forever. Just like this I Love Atlantic Palace On New York Ave. And The Boardwalk In Atlantic City, N. J. one is for me.

Learn How to get what you REALLY want out of life.

The best part?

It's Off Season. Lower prices.

Now, is the opportunity and the time to bless yourself and get together with some friends, entertain some people, and have a no-stress Atlantic City experience at the Atlantic Palace on the Boardwalk.

You can buy groceries and cook your own food, have dinner delivered or dine out. There is plenty of casinos and entertainment within the strip of where the Atlanic Palace is located. There is plenty to see and do in a mile or so of where you will be located. There is no reason to be bored.

It’s your choice. It’s your life.

Now, that leaves you with a decision to make.

Every moment is a decision point. Each choice you make includes an opportunity cost- if you do “this,” then you can’t do “that.”

Each decision leads to a new, unique life which contains the next decision. Each choice deletes some possibilities and creates others. Your life is the cumulative result of your choices.

One major choice is how you spend your time.

Here's a quote that I like: ”The fact of your death is known. The time of your death is not known. What, then, will you do?”

Maybe, I'll see ya there.

If you enjoyed our momment in time today let me know comment below.

If you take my suggestion and visit the Atlantic Palace On New York Ave. And The Boardwalk In Atlantic City, N. J. and enjoyed yourself, had one of the most enjoyable experiences you ever had or won at one of the casinos a money tip or a gift would be nice. You can give me a $$$ tip or buy me something from my Marchee Diva Wishlist (WIP).

Leave your Atlantic Palace Get-Away testimonials below.

I Love Atlantic Palace On New York Ave. And The Boardwalk In Atlantic City, N. J.


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Why Not Make The Most Of Your Weekend?

Why Not Make The Most Of Your Weekend?

Just a quick 'Marchee The Diva' blog post on this first weekend in October. It's another rainy Brooklyn, New York Saturday. Before you watch the game, do laundry or headout for some time with your family like I am...

Don't forget to do your blog post.

I don't know about you, but I always usually try to have fun over the weekend...

Have a great weekend, and of course... Keep Having Fun!

Marchee The Diva

Why Not Make The Most Of Your Weekend?

Friday, October 2, 2009

Do You Like To Pose For Photographs?

Great! Good for you...

I am getting that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach...

I really don't like posing for photographs. I hardly ever take photographs because it's just not my "thing".

I don't like looking at the camera.